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“Thumper”  |  The Wedding Band

Mumford & Sons’ collaborative side project, The Wedding Band, released a limited edition 10” Vinyl edition of their EP Volume I/The First Dance. This video features Mumford & Sons singing and playing with their “musical pals” Nick Etwell, Callum Lindsay, Jesse Quin, Adam Stockdale, and David Williamson. Filmed at RAK Studios London. Directed by Fred & Nick. Edited by Adam Claxton of Gypsy and The Wolf.

© 2012 Island Records Group.

With Grace in Your Heart: Kindred Spirits 2012 


Finally updated my “Roll Call” list of 2011 and, in no particular order, here is my new Kindred Spirits List of 2012!

Thank you so much! <3

The 2011 Canadian Tour taken by James Marcus Haney {x}

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but it was not your fault but mine


but it was not your fault but mine

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